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Michigan State University

Masters of Arts in Educational Technology Coursework




TE 803 Professional Roles and Teaching Practice II

Spring 2009

Professor: E. Byker

Social Studies Communities Unit Plan 


TE 803 was a social studies themed course completed during my teaching internship year. The course taught me how to plan and execute an integrated curriculum plan. I also learned how to modify instruction to accommodate special needs. I also learned how to engage in reflective practices as a teacher in order to improve my practice. 

TE 804 Reflection and Inquiry in Teaching Practice II

Spring 2009
Professor: W. Wahn

Inquiry Lesson Reflection


TE 804 was a science themed course completed during my teaching internship year. I practiced collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data on teaching, learning, and educational policy. The course also allowed me to engage teaching based research. Lastly, the class exposed me to inquiry based learning. 

CEP 810 Teaching for Understanding with Technology

Summer 2011
Professor: J. Spice

Universal Design for Learning Lesson Plan



CEP 810 introduced me to key instructional applications of technology. During CEP 810 I began to form goals to complete within the MAET program. I was also exposed to issues related to education and educational technology which helped me to develop a Personal Learning Network. 

CEP 811 Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education

Summer 2011
Professor: J. Spicer

Planetarium Webquest 


CEP 811 allowed me to enhance my teaching practice through technology. I learned to masterfully incorporate technology with content and pedagogy. I learned to use multimedia and web based tools to improve my professional networking and for my professional development. 

CEP 812 Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice

Summer 2011
Professor: J. Spicer

Wicked Problem Project

Course Blog


In CEP 812 I focused on using technology as a tool to address problems that I identified in my own classroom setting. I was challenged to use technology within the frameworks of content and pedagogy. I was able to experiment and apply technology to address real issues in the classroom. 

TE 846 Accommodating Differences in Literacy Learners

Fall 2011
Professor: L. Disney

Case Study Report


In TE 846 I was able to evaluate literacy instruction in order to improve my own practice. I designed and modified literacy materials to meet the needs of struggling literacy learners. I also had the opportunity to
identify and discuss advanced literacy instruction practices in an online setting.

CEP 800 Learning in School and Other Settings

Summer 2012
Professor: L. Graves Wolf

​Understanding Understanding Project


CEP 800 primarily focused on learning theories. The research I completed in CEP 800 exposed me to  learning sciences in to gain a deeper understanding of how people learn. I was able to experiment with many technologies such as video production and editing during this course. 

CEP 815 Technology and Leadership

Summer 2012
Professor: L. Graves Wolf

Digital Story Telling Workshop


CEP 815 was a course primarily focused on improving technology leadership. I was exposed to a variety of resources to build a personal learning network. I also had the opportunity to host a technology conference with my peers. 

CEP 822 Approaches to Educational Research

Summer 2012
Professor: L. Graves Wolf


CEP 822 primary focus was educational research. The course helped me to use research as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning. I was able to conduct literacy based research while learning how to write a technology based grant.

CEP 807 Capstone Portfolio Course

Fall 2012
Professor: M. Koehler


CEP 807 was a capstone portfolio based course. The course allowed me to reflect on my master's coursework and create a portfolio to showcase my coursework. This comprehensive portfolio is the direct product of this course. 

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