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Technology is the Future

By: Angela Marocco 














My first plan for my future as a technology learner is to continue to master new technologies. I feel capable with many technologies such as web design, screen casts, webquests, video production, photography, etc. However, I know that as I look ahead, I see many technologies that I am not familiar with and many technologies that have yet to be developed that I will benefit from learning.

As I continue to develop these new technologies I will also aim to further develop technology in the classroom setting.  Although I have a wealth of technology knowledge, my technology resources for my classroom are limited. Therefore, my goal as I progress in my technology learning is to develop methods of using minimal resources to maximum technology infused learning. An additional goal for my teaching future is to help my students become proficient in basic technology skills so that they have the tools to progress in their technology infused learning.

In addition to further developing technology in a professional setting, I also plan to strengthen my skills and keep up to date on technology during my personal time. One way I plan to do this is to continue to be active on social networking sites such as Twitter, technology forums, and blogging. I will be able to gather and apply new ideas by contacting my peers through many online mediums. In addition, I plan to further educate myself by attending technology-based conferences. Not only will these conferences develop my skills and knowledge, they will also help my to expand my professional network.

When thinking about social networking and technology conferences I am reminded of my most valuable learning experience with MAET, which was studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. This experience completely emerged me into the MAET program for four weeks around the clock. Working on multiple group projects and a running a technology conference allowed me to learn the true meaning of being a technology leader.  The group projects allowed me to learn many new technology skills such as digital storytelling and video production.  The conference project provided me with a real world opportunity of organizing and implementing a technology conference for local educators.  I also had the opportunity of presenting a workshop on digital story telling at the conference, which was a true leadership experience. Collaboration and leadership were skills that I was truly able to value by the end of my overseas experience.

Having experiences with technology leadership will help to strengthen my qualifications as a technology teacher. Completing this program and continuing my own learning will enable me to make a career change in my future. I am anxious to know what my future holds; as I know that a degree in educational technology will open many doors in my future. I have considered two possibilities when thinking of moving forward with my career. One career I may peruse is becoming a technology director at a school. This career would include both technology leadership and technology infused teaching, two areas I am qualified in. Another possible career for my future would be to work for an educational technology based company, for example a company that produces interactive whiteboards. I would love to teach teachers how to effectively incorporate a tool, such an interactive whiteboard, into their classrooms while also incorporating content and pedagogy.

As I continue to self direct my learning I know that I will be setting myself for success in our current society and educational world. As time goes on we are increasingly relying on technologies to help us perform our everyday tasks— communication, personal and professional scheduling, training and most importantly learning. As a teacher of our future generation it is my responsibility to adapt to our changing world. If I continue to seek new knowledge in educational technology I will be a stronger teacher and a stronger leader for my students and colleagues.

As a student in Michigan State University’s Masters of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) I have gained a wealth of experiences and knowledge. As I complete this degree, I am confident that my learning and technology exploration has only just begun. Throughout the program my technology skills have primarily been developed through self-exploration and collaboration with my peers. As I continue my journey forward, I will continue to direct my own learning and use my peers as resources.

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